free violas

Finally got around to planting up the violas I got free at Homebase. I guess they figured it was better to give them away than put them in the bin. Some of them are now in the old chimney pots and some in bowls and tubs. There were only four of the forty eight that I could not use and some of them are so pretty. I also have two new flowers on the Hachonochloa macra that I bought for the seed. The slugs or snails had the one flower I was keeping but the tiny plant has put up two more. I dragged back into the greenhouse a wooden bench which had been doing duty outside. The plants I need to protect are on the table and all of its four legs are liberally rubbed with petroleum jelly. This morning there were no snail trails on the bench or on the compost and the flowering grass is still intact. Fingers crossed it continues. I bought two tiny plants from a man in Northern Ireland in the spring and they have grown. Hosta Gold Standard is going to be a great plant and Hosta So Sweet got an infestation of greenfly but is now coming along nicely.

Back to the writing I am doing for someone on the other side of the world- heigh ho- it makes my mind work and gives my legs a rest.

blue pink yellowhachon

goldstadard sosweetrecovering


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