Proud of out Parson Harris who has become a dad and thought people might like to see an excerpt from Janetta’s Garden that featured the Parson as well as Dannyboy- the Pointer with the sixth sense. Picture of puppies included

Later that day coming into the kitchen and expecting Tweed, the terrier, and Dannyboy to be still fooling around with a left over chew, Chess realised they were nowhere to be seen. Shannon was jumping up and down beside the draining board. Out of the window and away across the field she could see Tweed and yes, Dannyboy as well, haring into the distance. Pointers are agile but she knew he couldn’t jump onto the worktop and then she spotted the small pair of steps she used for changing light bulbs and such. The Parson Russell would manage the jump so easily and probably more by good luck than good management Danny had made it up there as well.

There was no time to ponder though. All the thoughts passed through her head even as she was reaching for leads, treats and whistle even as she exclaimed “Oh my goodness”

“Corrie” she shouted for the older Gordon as he would be useful at bringing the other two back. “You as well then Shannon” as the dog pushed against her legs at the door. “Let’s go and get the silly beggars back in again “.

Chess usually wraps  Dannyboy in cotton wool  as if any noise or fright would make him into a shivering wreck but that only applies in normal circumstances. This time he would be in real trouble. Some of the dogs that had been stolen were simply taken when the dog was running free and out of sight of the owner. Chess could feel her heart pound and the panic rise as she thought about losing any of the dogs.” Even though this spot is remote ” she panicked “It could still happen”

Out of the garden gate and into the field gate they raced urgently as both Corrie and Shannon could sense Chess was in panic mode.

Dannyboy would keep out of trouble but Tweed could maybe chase sheep or get stuck down a rabbit hole and there was still that background worry of the dog thieves.

Normally it would be a leisurely stroll down through the reeds but today the dogs  ran on ahead and Chess came on as fast as she could- heart pounding and legs complaining “I am certainly no spring chicken any more.” she thought.

They found them at the ghost gate. Not chasing rabbits or deer or even each other but sitting side by side staring at the empty gateway and listening. Tweed even had his head on one side like the terrier in the old gramophone records.

Then she heard it as well. The bagpipes were playing a sad and heart string pulling lament. It was very beautiful if you put aside the fact that there was no one there and the music came from empty air.

They stopped beside the two dogs although Chess did have the sense to put slip leads around their necks and they all listened.

After awhile she said out loud “I will put him back when I find out who he is. I just don’t know how to do it yet.”

The bagpipes paused and started again with a more lilting tune and then faded away into nothing. Dannyboy stood up and wagged his tail and moved forward on the lead. He sniffed another dog but again there was no dog there.

The quintet walked back up the field together with Chess deep in thought and she saw Lena’s car coming up the single track lane home.

Of course the whole story had to be related and surprisingly enough Danny and Tweed managed to escape any retribution. Chess reminded herself that something must be done about that window and the excitement was over.’



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