the good, the bad and the downright evil midges

Well I thought as we were into September, the midges had gone but I’m wearing my funny hat again and cursing as I go. Shouldn’t moan though because I went to Homebase for a can of white emulsion and got 40 free violas. The shop had a sign-‘FREE’ I said to the man-‘are these really free?’ and he said you can take up to 4 trays- so I did- 10 in  a try and very pretty. They’re straggly but if I cut them back, they’ll regrow and make some pretty winter bedding.

I have almost everything in tubs now and last year I bought a little bistort -Polygnatum ‘Inverleith’. It is very sweet and quite short but I forgot about it and bless its little heart it struggled through a whole lot of chives and plantago to show me the pretty flower. Will have to give it some space.That was good and then the bad.

I had bought a plant of Hakonecloa macra and it had a flower. Being keen on stuff for nothing, I thought I could save the seed and grow some more. Ha ha ha the slugs have been in and eatene the flower off. The best laid plans—-. and the downright evil midges are still lurking out there!!!!

IMG_1672 IMG_1675


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