Welcome September

For those of you who do not live in a place beset by midges, you have no idea how awful it is. In July and August we are beset by clouds of the little horrors- and that is not what I call them when they are around me. Below is a picture of my kitchen window plastered with the pests. I can only go outside wearing a netted hat. I look like a beekeeper who dresses in black. I should take a selfie but might get taken for a terrorist. There are not words to describe how much I hate midges BUT September is here and within a week they will be gone. We have a nice light wind today which also helps and in a few days I will be able to take some fuschia cuttings, complete the weeding and tidying, repot some plants and enjoy being in the garden again. My garden is tiny but has a large flowering currant and the midges linger there. As soon as a human appears they dive out for a meal. I know it hasn’t been a great summer but I must admit autumn always seems welcome. Heigh Ho onwards and upwards.midges


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