moans and smiles

It is the end of August and I am bemoaning the fact that the Laurentia has just now opened a few flowers in the chimney pot that used to be on my friend’s house in Ashingtom. The wind has decimated Viola Irish Molly and Bishop of Llandaff dahlia is not actually in flower yet- aagghh. Enough of th moans- when I decided to extend my Hosta collection at the start of the year I bought Gold Standard, So Sweet, Blue Mouse Ears and First mate. I always pot up hostas to get them established and so far Gold Standard is going to be what it says- gold. It is a fine, strong plant and looking good. First Mate is decidedly weedy and might take some time. So Sweet was attacked by aphids and is now recovering and Blue Mouse Ears had an accident with the English Setters and is having to replenish its leaves. I love Gold Standard. The Bishop dahlia I put into a pot bought at Poundstretcher for £2.99 and love the pot. I have now bought 2 more as they are good value and nice and deep. I have two hostas to pot up and will use them for that. Also at Poundstretcher I bought some solar garden lights. They are brilliant- poke into the soil and look like fairy lights when the darkness comes. They were 89 pence each and I plan to buy some more. It’s a really cheap way to enjoy looking out in the dark and seeing little sweet blue lights.goldstandardGold Standard

First Mate


Laurnetia in chimney


solar lights and blue pot

bluepot solrlight


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